Train to be a Medical Biller/Coder with ICH

Find Stability in an Essential Healthcare Career!


Are you looking for a stable career that can offer you and your family the path towards a brighter future? Healthcare careers are reliable, and healthcare workers are essential workers who have largely remained employed even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe it’s time you consider training for an essential healthcare career as a medical biller/coder! If you are good with numbers, are detail-oriented, and have good communication skills, a career as a medical biller/coder could be right for you! Integrity College of Health, in Pasadena, California, offers an online-hybrid program to train you for this important administrative healthcare career in as few as 9 months!

Medical biller/coders are specially-trained administrative healthcare professionals responsible for carrying out important administrative work in support of doctors and other medical professionals. For every medical procedure, injury, illness, and diagnosis, there is a corresponding medical code, and as a medical biller/coder, you will be an expert in this medical code language, acting as a translator as you take each bit of information and put it into the corresponding numeric or alphanumeric code that can then be used in the billing process.

 Medical biller/coders translate the healthcare services rendered into requests for payment from insurance companies using the appropriate codes. The medical biller/coder creates a financial report, also called a claim, to ensure the medical provider is properly compensated for their services by the insurance company. The biller sends the claim to the insurance company, which evaluates and returns it to the biller, who then evaluates the returned claim to determine how much the patient owes, after the insurance is taken out, and then creates an accurate bill to deliver to the patient. By performing this critical administrative task of healthcare, medical biller/coders free medical assistants, nurses, doctors and other medical staff to provide hands-on care to patients.

Because medical biller/coders are responsible for the important task of billing insurance and patients for healthcare services, it is critical they are not only familiar with the codes used in the industry, but also understand the guidelines and rules of the codes, and are able to use them accurately. Medical biller/coders must be detail-oriented, accurate with numbers, and pay close attention to the adherence of guidelines. At Integrity College of Health, the Medical Billing and Coding program can teach you the important skills you need to be employable as a medical biller/coder, including: 

  • Comprehensive medical terminology
  • Medical coding and billing procedures
  • How to prepare and file insurance claims
  • Medical billing software
  • Trends in the insurance industry
  • How to analyze benefits

ICH’s online-hybrid Medical Billing and Coding program is designed to be achievable in as few as 35 weeks! Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion, Medical Billing and Coding diploma, and CPR and First Aid Certification from the American Red Cross.

If you are detail-oriented, thrive in an administrative setting, and are looking for a career that offers stability even in a difficult job market, then a career as a medical biller/coder might be a great fit for you! With Integrity College of Health, you can gain the skills you need for an essential healthcare career in as few as 9 months. Right now is a great time to join the growing healthcare field, and classes are enrolling now! Train for an essential healthcare career as a medical biller/coder, with Integrity College of Health. Contact Us today! 

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