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     Are you interested in a career as a nurse? A vocational nursing career can offer you stability, flexibility, and the chance to help people every day. If you are looking to enroll in a VN training program, choose Integrity College of Health! Integrity College of Health offers a 56-week training program to prepare you with the critical knowledge and competitive skills you need to enter this career path. Read on to learn more about our VN program, with this Instructor Spotlight featuring ICH’s Director of Nursing and VN Instructor Alice Sorrell-Thompson

Alice Sorrell-Thompson, ICH Vocational Nursing Instructor 

     Alice Sorrell-Thompson is a Vocational Nursing instructor and ICH’s Director of Nursing. As an educator, Alice feels her calling is to guide and prepare adults to move forward within their chosen career paths. Alice says, “Nursing is my vocation, and I am honored to be able to shape the next generation of nursing professionals.” 

     For over fifteen years Alice has served as the Director of Nursing Education within various educational institutions. During this time, she has taught the vocational nursing curriculum in its entirety, and has found that each specialty area of nursing is exciting in its unique approach to patient care. In her classrooms, Alice has created a foundation of respect and support. She says, “Our motto is ‘We are our brothers and sisters’ keeper.’ Support each other and be successful together.”

     Alice also believes strongly in connecting her students with outside experiences and opportunities, and giving back to the community in which they live and work. Under her leadership, ICH has cultivated a strong connection with T’ena Health, a community organization which focuses on bringing population-based health screening and education to Los Angeles County’s underserved areas. In partnership with T’ena Health, ICH vocational nursing students provide blood pressure and glucose screenings, COVID vaccines, and testing.

ICH’s Vocational Nursing Program

     Vocational Nurses are entry-level nurses who care for sick, injured, or convalescing patients, under the direction of physicians and registered nurses. In ICH’s Vocational Nursing program, students learn important nursing skills for direct patient care. ICH’s LVN program provides hands-on training so that students gain practice in real life situations, rather than learning just from textbooks. 

     In ICH’s LVN program, students learn to work as a part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team in selected healthcare settings with individuals, families and communities across the life span. Students learn how to promote wellness, provide safe, empathetic care, and provide care in a culturally sensitive manner. Students at ICH learn how to perform critical duties, including how to: 

      • Monitor patients’ health
      • Administer basic patient care
      • Provide for the basic comfort of patients
      • Discuss the care they are providing with patients and listen to their concerns
      • Report patients’ status and concerns to registered nurses and doctors
      • Keep records on patients’ health

     Graduates of ICH’s LVN program will receive their Vocational Nursing Diploma, and are prepared to take the NCLEX-PN exam for Registered Nurses.

     As a VN instructor and ICH’s Director of Nursing, Alice Sorrell-Thompson is a motivating and inspirational force to her students, who are each on their own Path to Purpose. VN students at ICH benefit from her depth of experience, vast knowledge, creative teaching style, and willingness to offer personal support and guidance. ICH is lucky to have Alice! If you are looking to enroll in a VN training program, ICH’s 56-week program could be a great choice for you. Conveniently located in Pasadena, California, ICH offers short program lengths, flexible hybrid-online learning formats, professional instruction, and a Career Services Department to support you as you make the transition from student to the job market. Ready to learn more? Admissions Representatives are standing by to answer your questions, and help you begin the enrollment process. Contact us today!

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