Are You Ready for the Next Step in Your Nursing Career? RN to BSN is Here.

If you have an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Registered Nurse (RN) license, you may be considering the next step in your nursing career. Although, in many states, you only need to have an ADN to earn your RN license, there has been a push for states to require the BSN as the minimum degree. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) reports that BSNs receive higher salaries, and employers are more likely to hire a BSN over an ASN. Studies also show that patients cared for by BSNs have lower re-admission and mortality rates.

RN to BSN at Integrity College

At Integrity College,  the RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing) Program is designed to provide the necessary flexibility for nurses who are looking for an education that can be tailored around their work schedules. There is a hybrid program that allows you to attend class on campus one evening a week, or one Saturday a week, while the remaining work can be completed online during the week. There is also a full distance track where almost all of the program can be completed online.

What You’ll Learn

Our program can be completed in as little as one year if you take four courses per semester. Even if you only take one course per semester, you can still have your degree in 22 months, just under two years.

Throughout the program, you will learn to utilize critical thinking to solve problems based on what you learn in classes about nursing, natural and behavioral sciences, and humanities. You will learn how to integrate research findings and nursing theory to make evidence-based decisions in your professional nursing practice. Our classes are designed to give you the confidence you need in diverse settings to utilize caring, critical thinking, and therapeutic nursing interventions with individuals, families, and communities at any developmental stage and with varied health experiences. You will also be able to practice independently and collaboratively with all health professionals as an advanced beginner professional nurse.

Career and Salary Opportunities

Our BSN program places an emphasis on leadership and management in professional nursing to enhance quality and safety in health care. This will help you be more prepared for careers in a hospital setting. BSN nurses are also sought after because of their advanced clinical skills. Their additional education makes them better at diagnosis and evaluating interventions.

Michelle Welch, DNP, MSN, MBAHCM, NP-C, Vice President of Nursing at Integrity College, points out, “One of the major benefits of obtaining a BSN is it increases career opportunities for nurses.” With your BSN, there are more opportunities to advance in your career. BSN nurses are eligible to apply to Magnet Hospitals, move into management and leadership roles, and obtain a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Having your BSN can also open the door to non-hospital opportunities. With a BSN, you can pursue a career in case management, teaching, policy review, or informatics.

While both ADN and BSN degrees leave you ready to begin nursing in an entry-level role, having your BSN degree can mean a bigger paycheck. Nurses with a BSN education are among the top 25% earners in the nursing field, with an average annual income of $82,000 according to Payscale. As the demand for BSN-educated nurses continues to grow, the annual salary is expected to increase significantly over the next few years.

Why Integrity College?

In 2007, Integrity College opened its doors as a nationally accredited college based in Pasadena, California. With our highly educated and experienced staff, we offer a winning approach to providing career training for students to prepare them for the best and hottest career fields. Our flexible RN to BSN program will give you real-world experience in a supportive environment.

Become a Healthcare Hero now! Integrity College of Health is here for you as you walk down your new career path. Contact us today at (626) 808-0215. Click to complete and interest form and find out more about admissions.

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