EMT Recert Course


These courses will qualify the EMT-Basic Certified student to obtain all required 24 continuing education units for the continuous renewal of the EMT-Basic recertification required by the County of Los Angeles EMS Agency and the State of California; Provider number 19-0726. All classes are Instructor based. Objectives are available upon request.

Cost: $85.00
This course provides review and training prior to evaluating EMT skills competency. Testing consists of an evaluation on the 10 core skills that are required for certification. This includes:
Trauma Assessment
Medical Assessment
BVM Ventilation
Oxygen Administration
Bleeding Control & Shock
Penetrating Chest Injury
Spinal Motion Restriction
Epinephrine & Naloxone Administration
Childbirth & Neonatal Resuscitation

Cost: $75.00
All California EMTs are required to complete a one-time mandatory training for naloxone, epinephrine auto-injector and glucometer by their next EMT certificate renewal effective July 1, 2019.
This training does not authorize for an agency/organization or individual EMT to stock and administer/utilize naloxone, epinephrine or a glucometer and is reflected in Ref 802, EMT Scope of Practice.

Cost: $65.00
The BLS for Healthcare Providers Course covers core material such as adult and pediatric CPR (including two-rescuer scenarios and use of the bag mask), foreign-body airway obstruction, and automated external defibrillation. For healthcare providers such as EMS personnel, physician assistants, doctors, dentists, nurses, and respiratory therapists who must have a credential(card) documenting successful completion of a CPR course. This would also include nursing students, EMT students, and Healthcare Providers.


Preparatory 2 CE hrs: This course will help the EMT-Basic refresh previously learned material while gaining new knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be a competent, productive, and valuable member of the emergency medical services team.

Airway 2 CE credit hrs: Maintain an open airway, pulmonary resuscitation, variations for infants and children and patients with laryngectomies. The use of airways, suction equipment, oxygen equipment and delivery systems, and resuscitation devices.

Patient Assessment 4 CE hrs: A rapid approach to the trauma patient will be the focus of this lesson. EMT demonstrates the method of assessing patients with medical complaints or signs and symptoms. Detailed Physical Exam reviews the knowledge and skills required to continue the assessment and treatment of the patient.

Medical Emergencies 5 CE hrs: Basic knowledge of pharmacology, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Diabetes, Anaphylactic & Environmental Emergencies. Renewal for AHA Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers will be provided (must have current AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers.

Behavioral Emergencies 2 CE hrs: Develops the student’s awareness of behavioral emergencies and the management of the disturbed patient. Restraining the combative patient will also be taught.

Trauma 4 CE hrs: Bleeding and Shock Reviews the cardiovascular system Emergency medical care, including the use of cervical immobilization devices and short and long back boards.

Medical Emergencies Infants & Children 2 CE hrs: Infants and Children presents information concerning the developmental and anatomical differences in infants and children, discuss common medical and trauma situations, and also covered are infants and childrens’ dependent on special technology.

OB/GYN Emergencies 3 CE hrs: Demonstrate normal and abnormal deliveries, summarize signs and symptoms of common gynecological emergencies, and neonatal resuscitation.

Course Schedule:

Preparatory (2 hrs) 0900-1120 (two 10-min breaks)
Airway (2 hrs) 1120-1330 (two 10 min-breaks)
Lunch (30 min) 1330-1400
Patient Assessment (4 hrs) 1400-1830 (four 10 min breaks)

Medical Emergencies (4 hrs) 0900-1330 (four 10-min breaks)
Lunch (30 min) 1330-1400
Medical Emergencies (1 hr contd.) 1400-1500
OB/GYN Emergencies (3 hrs) 1510- 1830 (three 10-min breaks)

Trauma (4 hrs) 0900-1330 (four 10-min breaks)
Lunch (30 min) 1330-1400
Behavioral Emergencies (2 hrs) 1400-1620 (two 10-min breaks)
Infant/Child Emergencies (2hrs) 1620-1830 (two 10-min breaks)

$275.00 Includes 24 Continuing Education Units, skills training, AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers Renewal.
$25 Refundable registration fee (Must cancel 48hrs before class)
CALL TO REGISTER (626)808-0215

This program in not an ABHES accredited program.