Find Stability in the New Year with an Essential Healthcare Career!

Train for an Essential Career with ICH

This last year has been full of economic uncertainty. If you have been feeling the negative effects of career or financial instability, it may be time to start thinking about what you can do to find greater stability. Career training for an in-demand, essential healthcare career can provide you with a path to a more stable future! Careers in the healthcare field are essential, and they are reliable, even in difficult economic times. Integrity College of Health offers career training programs in the healthcare field, and many of our programs can be completed in less than a year. Read on to learn how you can find stability in the new year, with training for an essential healthcare career from ICH!

At Integrity College of Health, our mission is to prepare graduates for the healthcare careers that are in high demand in their communities. Our programs are designed for students to get the training they need, quickly, and find entry-level employment immediately upon graduation. Our Career Services department specializes in helping our students secure employment, and we are proud to have a great placement rate for our students! Our staff works closely with each student to identify their strengths and connect them with our network of potential employers in Southern California and beyond. Come to the Career Services department for help with resume writing, interviewing skills, career workshops, networking opportunities, and placement assistance. If you are ready to pursue a career in the healthcare field, ICH has the resources, support and network of connections to help get you on your way!

ICH offers several different programs for students interested in entering the healthcare field. At ICH, healthcare training programs are focused, comprehensive, and prepare students for immediate entry-level employment. ICH’s healthcare programs include: 

Healthcare workers such as nurses, medical assistants, medical insurance billing and coding specialists, and ultrasound technicians are integral to the American healthcare system. These healthcare professionals work directly with other medical professionals to deliver patients with the highest level of care. Healthcare workers are essential to our medical system, and because they are essential, these workers remain employed even during times of economic instability such as the last year. 

If you are tired of instability in your life and in your career, it may be time to pursue a career in healthcare! You deserve a career that offers job stability – even during a global pandemic and national economic uncertainty. As a nurse, medical assistant, medical insurance billing and coding specialist, or ultrasound technician you can be an essential worker too! Train for a rewarding medical career with ICH now, and you can position yourself to find rewarding employment in the near future. Located in Pasadena, California, ICH is designed for busy students just like you. Don’t wait any longer – Give us a call at 626-808-0215 today! You can find stability in the New Year with training for an essential healthcare career from ICH!

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