Can I Enroll in a Career Training Program without a High School Diploma?

ICH’s ECPP Program: High School Diploma AND Career Training


Are you interested in training for a career as a medical assistant or medical biller/coder, but have discovered that most training programs require you to be a high school graduate? Are you wondering if you can enroll in a career training program if you don’t have your high school diploma? At Integrity College of Health, we want you to know that a lack of a high school diploma does not mean you cannot pursue career training for a better future! Many students faced struggles over the last year, and if you found your schooling interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. Challenges brought on by distance learning, a lack of technology access, and a void of social and emotional support resulted in thousands of students across the country finding it difficult, or impossible, to complete the required courses to earn their high school diploma. If you are interested in training for a career as a medical assistant or medical biller/coder, but don’t have a high school diploma, ICH’s ECPP program can allow you to earn your high school diploma and pursue career training at the same time!

The COVID-19 pandemic took a large toll on students, especially high school students. According to a recent CNN report, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated social inequalities, and led to an increase in the high school drop-out rate. The economic impact of the pandemic compelled some older students to take a job to make up for one lost by a family member. Many high school students found they were needed to handle child care for siblings, who spent the year at home due to distance learning policies. For these high school students, continuing their own studies became too difficult, and they were unable to finish high school and earn their diploma. National dropout numbers for this school year are yet to be released, but anecdotal evidence from across the country shows steep declines in attendance, a rising number of failing grades, and shrinking enrollment (CNN.com, 3/8/21).

If you have been unable to earn your high school diploma, either due to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic or any other challenges of life, but you are interested in career training for a healthcare career, ICH’s Eligible Career Pathway Program (ECPP) allows you to earn your high school diploma while working on a career training program at the same time! The ECPP program was designed for students who do not have a high school diploma or GED, but who wish to enroll in a college or career training program for which it is a requirement. Students who enroll in the ECPP at ICH will be enrolled to work towards their high school diploma through our partnership with Excel High School, while concurrently enrolled in an eligible ICH career training program. At ICH, students can enroll in Medical Assisting, achievable in 27 weeks, or Medical Billing and Coding, achievable in 35 weeks. Students maintain enrollment and take courses for both their high school diploma and their ICH training program at the same time. 

Many students faced challenges over the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and if you were unable to complete high school, you don’t need to let your lack of high school diploma hold you back! You can pursue a great career in the healthcare field, with training from ICH. The only requirement for enrolling in the ECPP is that you pass an independently-administered, Department of Education-approved Ability to Benefit Assessment. When you enroll with ICH, our admissions advisors will help you through every step of this straightforward process. Our mission is to help you succeed, and our team is here to assist you in overcoming any barriers you face when it comes to obtaining the career training you need to achieve a better life. 

If you have a career goal, but haven’t been able to pursue career training because you don’t meet the high school prerequisite, ICH’s ECPP program may be a path towards your future! With ICH, there is no need to wait any longer to pursue your career goals – with the ECPP program, you can simultaneously earn both your high school diploma and your ICH Certificate of Completion! If you are ready to begin your career training, but don’t have a high school diploma or GED, give ICH a call at 626-808-0215 today. With ICH’s ECPP program, you can earn your high school diploma, and train for a healthcare career at the same time!

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