Catalog Quiz

In order for an institution of higher education to maintain accreditation and Title IV eligibility, the institution must have a school catalog made available for its students prior to enrollment. In addition, the catalog serves as the official documented policies and procedures for students and staff to use as it relates to all activities associated with the institution for prospective, current, graduate and withdrawn students.

Integrity College of Health’s current accreditor is the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

ABHES Accreditation Requirements has the following policy:

IV.E.5.a. An institution publishes an informative and accurate catalog and addenda, as applicable, that are in compliance with the requirements of Appendix D, Catalogs in the accreditation manual.

A catalog serves as an official document of an institution and is professional in appearance and provides accurate information. A catalog is written in English, legible, organized, grammatically correct, and in compliance with applicable accreditation requirements and local and federal government laws and regulations.

Catalog addenda (inserts) may be used in accordance with the guidelines found in Appendix D, Catalogs, and reference the published volume of the catalog to which they apply. Institutions under the same ownership structure may use a common catalog; however, differences, when applicable, are denoted (e.g., faculty, programs).

In order to ensure that all employees of Integrity College of Health understand the catalog, please take the following quiz:

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