What’s Next For You?

Get on Your Way to a Nursing Career, With ICH’s VN Program!

     Summer is here! The days are long, and the sun is out. While you enjoy your summer, have you thought about what might be next for you? With ICH, you can get started on your way to a new career! At Integrity College of Health, we offer healthcare training programs to prepare you for a great career you can be proud of. 

     At ICH, our programs are designed to be completed in a short amount of time. ICH’s programs are focused, concise, and designed to provide you with the precise skills and knowledge you need to be successful in your new career. Plus, ICH provides hands-on skills training, so you can gain the practical skills you need to enter your new career with confidence. 

     If you care about people and would like to work in the healthcare field providing vital care, a career as a Vocational Nurse could be right for you! Vocational Nurses play an important role in the healthcare system, caring for sick, injured, or convalescing patients, under the direction of physicians and registered nurses. With ICH’s Vocational Nursing certificate program, you can learn the theoretical knowledge and gain the critical hands-on skills to enter this rewarding career in as few as 60 weeks! 

     ICH’s Vocational Nursing program is designed to prepare students with important nursing skills for direct patient care. In ICH’s VN program, students learn to work as a part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team in selected healthcare settings with individuals, families and communities across the life span. Students learn how to promote wellness, provide safe, empathetic care, and provide care in a culturally sensitive manner. Through a combination of quality curriculum delivered by experienced faculty, and hands-on practical experience in on-campus labs and through an externship, ICH students are thoroughly prepared for careers as vocational nurses. 

At ICH, students learn to:

    • Monitor patients’ health
    • Administer basic patient care
    • Provide for the basic comfort of patients
    • Discuss the care they are providing with patients and listen to their concerns
    • Report patients’ status and concerns to registered nurses and doctors
    • Keep records on patients’ health

     Graduates of ICH’s Vocational Nursing program receive a Vocational Nursing Certificate of Completion and are prepared to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. Graduates will be ready to pursue additional opportunities such as becoming a Registered Nurse, or are prepared to immediately enter into entry-level positions in the field. 

     Every ICH graduate enters the field with confidence, thanks to the hands-on experience they gain through the program. At ICH, every Vocational Nursing student has the opportunity to volunteer with the local healthcare organization, T’ena Health, serving the greater Los Angeles area. ICH is proud of our partnership with T’ena Health, whose mission is to contribute towards health equity and preventive medicine for underserved communities.⁣⁣ ICH connects our VN students with their volunteer opportunity at T’ena Health, and students benefit from hands-on, real-world experience working with this great organization.

     If a career as a Vocational Nurse sounds interesting to you, ICH has the training program for you! If you are caring, compassionate, and have always wanted to make a career out of helping people, a nursing career might be right for you! With ICH’s Vocational Nursing (VN) program, you can get the training you need in as few as 60 weeks! With a convenient location in Pasadena, California, ICH is an excellent choice for your career training. Contact our Admissions Department to find out how you can get started. Get started on what’s next for you – give ICH a call at 626-808-0215 today! 

Your new career begins here, with ICH’s VN program!




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