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Work in healthcare where you can make a difference everyday.  Get your training by dedicated professionals that will guide your education and training. We offer small class sizes, personalized, focused education for each student. Program cost:  Tuition $11,900; Books, uniforms, health exam, CPR, National Testing, $600.  Registration fee:  $75 (non-refundable).

Entry requirements: High school diploma or G.E.D., and pass Wonderlic Entrance test.

Tutoring available, financial aid for those who qualify. Classes now starting! Call or email us for more information. Feel free to stop by the college to meet us.  We are open Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm, evenings and weekends by appointment.

We offer small class sizes, personalized, focused education for each student. Tutoring available, financial aid for those who qualify. Classes starting soon! Please call for more information and registration or contact us by email.


This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as a Medical Assistant in either clinical and/or administrative capacity.

Medical assistants (MA’S) are multi-skilled health professionals who perform a wide range of roles in physician’s offices and other health care settings. MA’s may also be employed by medical centers, medical specialty clinics, insurance billing agencies, laboratories, and emergency rooms. Duties may vary, but medical assistants typically answer telephones, prepare patients under the supervision of a licensed medical professional, take vital signs and medical histories, assist the physician or nurse during patient examinations, collect and prepare laboratory specimens or arrange for laboratory services, perform electrocardiograms, remove sutures, and change dressings.

Below is the list of the 12 course modules required to complete the program (MA 101- MA 112). You may begin the Medical Assisting program at the beginning of any module (except for MA 112, Externship).

Course Content:

Term 1
MA 101 The Medical Assisting Profession (60 Hours; 2.5 weeks)
MA 102 Medication Administration (60 Hours; 2.5 weeks)
MA 103 Clinical Medical Assisting (70 Hours; 3 weeks)

Term 2
MA 104 Medical Specialties and Procedures (60 Hours; 2.5 weeks)
MA 105 Assisting in the Clinical Laboratory (60 Hours; 2.5 weeks)
MA 106 Assisting with Surgical Procedures (60 Hours; 2.5 weeks)

Term 3
MA 107 Phlebotomy & Blood Analysis (50 Hours; 2 weeks)
MA 108 Administrative Medical Assisting (70 Hours; 3 weeks)
MA 109 Billing & Coding Procedures (40 Hours; 1.5 weeks)
MA 110 Medical Office Financial Management (40 Hours; 1.5 weeks)

Term 4
MA 111 Career Development & Certification (30 Hours; 1 week)
MA 112 Externship (200 Hours; 5 to 6 weeks)

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