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ICH is part of what parent company?
When was this catalog last updated?
To be eligible for Title IV, one requirement is that they must be:
What is file sharing and peer to peer files?
What are the 4 core values of the company?
If a student has a complaint about training, who should they contact first?
SAP stands for:
Students have the right to cancel the Enrollment Agreement for their program, if:
An academic warning will occur if a student's GPA:
Payment of refunds are
Vocational Nursing students must complete remediation
What must be carried by all students during clinical rotation?
What is not an acceptable form of payment?
A pre-requisite for enrollment in the Medical Insurance Coding and Billing Specialist program is:
What is the name of the fund that covers school closure?
What is the purpose of FERPA?
What is the tuition fee for Diagnostic Medical Sonography?
Which is not included in a program cost?
How far away from the campus can an externship be?
What is considered tardy to class?
What financial aid option is not offered at ICH?
In order to receive a certificate of completion from a program of study, students must:
What is the maximum number of times a student can repeat a course?
When was our school founded?
What is your favorite part of reading the ICH catalog?
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