Integrity College of Health Programs - Vocational Nursing



Vocational Nurse (LVN)

13 ½ month program and we offer weekday and weekend classes. Fully approved by the Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians…
This program is accredited by ABHES
Prerequisite: none

EMT Recert Course

These courses will qualify the EMT-Basic Certified student to obtain all required 24 continuing education units for the continuous renewal of the EMT-Basic recertification required by the County of Los Angeles EMS Agency and the State of California.

Director of Staff Development (DSD) Certification

The Director of Staff Development is responsible for the planning, implementation, direction and evaluation of the facility’s educational programs for all employees and quality assurance and improvement in the facility…
This program in not a ABHES accredited program
Prerequisite: LVN or RN License

Medical Assisting Prgram

7 ½ Months Start your Career as a Medical Assistant! Class starting June 12th, 2017! Register Now!
Medical assistants (MA’S) are multi-skilled health professionals who perform a wide range of roles in physician’s offices and other health care settings. MA’s may also be employed by medical centers, medical specialty clinics, insurance billing agencies, laboratories, and emergency rooms. Duties may vary, but medical assistants typically answer telephones, prepare patients under the supervision of a licensed medical professional, take vital signs and medical histories, assist the physician or nurse during patient examinations, collect and prepare laboratory specimens or arrange for laboratory services, perform electrocardiograms, remove sutures, and change dressings.
This program is accredited by ABHES.

Intravenous Therapy & Blood Withdrawal Certification

The course length is 36 hours and meets over four days during weekends. Each day consists of 9 hours of class. Students will learn by lecture as well as clinical / hands-on experience…
This program in not a ABHES accredited program
Prerequisite: LVN or RN License

Restorative Nursing Assistant (RNA)

The content of this three day course focuses on strengthening the role of the Restorative Nursing Assistant and the Restorative Nursing Program Coordinator in demonstrating clinical competencies with facility residents and…
Prerequisite: Certification of graduation from a Nurse Assistant program.



Gainful Employment Program